Out of Door

Out of door


It is not just buildings and people, it has a spirit, but it is soulless. The Spirit of the Big City. We implemented this at the current breakpoint. Changed the point of view ... Literally from above

The city is the binder of everything that happens in Roverside. If you have been reading and watching us for a long time, then you might have thought that we didn’t specifically show what was outside the door.

The city lives its own life, its plans are always with it. The city will consecrate your way with a street lamp or bite you with a mad dog. In a word, the city controls the balance of power so as not to become abandoned.

City Life

Behind the Door

We decided to move the players in that era as much as possible, into the atmosphere of the beginning of the bygone XX century. What time was it then? The best answer probably lies on the shelves of old Hollywood. The picture and sound is what you need!

In general, for the city, Joe invented an extremely interesting method using accurate color schemes and precise geometry. It really is penetrating in the spirit of noir and retro. It was only necessary to find sounds and implement it on the global map.

City Walk


We approached the design of sounds on a global map. The blending and mixing method with characteristic ambient noises did not fit either in style or in expressiveness. The best solution was found at Freesound, the real sound treasures published by the sound engineer Craig Smith, we thank him from all ears, and everyone who participated in their creation and digitization for this colossal and invaluable work. Of course thanks to Freesound too. Here you can read what their chip is.

Just think, all these sounds were recorded at the right time, guys in suspenders, with business acumen and a cigar in their teeth. It is unlikely that they are now used in cinema, but they are extremely expressive and high-quality. Why not revive the World of Roverside with them and at the same time not let them play with all the colors?

Double Life

  • Now we have glued together the missing parts with the world, discarding the other, less suitable, prepared for beta. In essence, hybrid gameplay awaits you.

  • Behind the doors is the World, with those places where you play your part, visiting different places, doing other common things, in a word, joining the world of the City. Inside, these are the places where you do these things with your own hands (in the direct sense of the hand).

Global Map Interaction

To conduct business in the City is much simpler, so we simplified the management to use mainly with the mouse. After all, it is so nice when there is a free hand for a cup of coffee.


Another thing is time. Without it, nowhere if you are a business person. Time in the city is night and day. It is dark at night, it is light during the day. Sounds simple to me, yes. I’ll only add that the clock shows the current time wherever you are. Zippo lighter can also serve you with its light in the dark.

Change the time of day

A few words about the work done, and about the progress.

Since the last tests, we have been exclusively engaged in the world behind the door, so that it appears before you the most understandable, simple and atmospheric.

We are grateful to our testers for their endurance during numerous "... oops!!!" while the World was born, in particular:

Anthony, Korcie, Melo, Samuel.

We did not publish the interim news until we tested the global world. It was like an injection of nitro because we had already begun to lose hope that we would realize global map as we wanted.

I deleted the rest of the useless monologue and simply wrote that the work is ongoing, and it’s good that we don’t have any pets, otherwise they would have eaten us due to lack of attention :)

We already feel how it starts to smell like diesel and moonshine, above the nose. Although there are two of us, we have coffee and our engine does not have a reverse gear.

Night outside the window

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